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I just noticed I don’t have a dedicated thread for updates. This will be that thread.
Right now I am working on sprites and graphics, and so I decided to make a quick sketch for the character select screen. This is the sketch, but it will be digitally colored and detailed, and I will also fix any disproportionate parts of the body. You will be able to play as Mhx Air and swap with Crystal Aero like in Donkey Kong Country, or Mhx and Crystal as a team like Sonic and Tails. This is a Metroidvania game with Sonic style elements. You will need a controller to play.

Something like this, but more anime styled and better detailed.

looks neat. I like it!



Preview of my new Mhx Air sprite design. I didn’t really care for the sprites from my last few games, so I’m making completely new ones. I’m considering making the hands a pixel smaller, and maybe lower the belt one pixel as well, but besides that, these are by far the best graphics I have ever made for anything, especially a game. You can see the details, from the eyes glowing, to the diamond earring, and even the strings on the hoodie, the belt, the zipper part of the pants, and the knees. This took about 2 hours to make from scratch.
Spriting is no joke. Some people get paid thousands to make sprite sheets.
(Larger version)

Screenshot 2016-10-03 04.12.59


As mentioned in this thread:
There will be a need for a controller for at least 24 buttons. That being said, to avoid copyright, I designed a controls menu with a custom controller, just as an example. You can adjust your buttons accordingly, but for now, it’s blank, because I haven’t decided what keyboard buttons should bind to what controller buttons, so it’s still somewhat playable without a controller.

Hey just as an idea, on one of the menus you could have that star travel animation thing going. I think that would match the game and be pretty cool

Star travel animation?

Like, yknow

Hmmm… now that i think about it that would make a great menu BG for SBNW

Oh, hyperspeed. I could do that for a menu, but originally I was going to save it for if I add new planets to the game, like DLC, but Flowlab games already load pretty slowly.