Shooting object to click / mouse

im making a game that involves clicking somewhere on the screen then shooting an object from the player to the click and so far I’ve basically finished that part but for some reason the more I click the less consistent the object is to going to the click and eventually just starts randomly spazing out and going to places I clicked like 5 clicks before I cant figure out why please help. Flowlab Game Creator - fighting game (also if someone knows how id like to add a cooldown on the clicks so you can only shoot the object and place the marker every 4-5 seconds.)

You’re doing something very strange. It seems like you have a lot of unneeded code.

You can just Emit the object in the direction of the marker.
If you want to see the object that’s being emitted, well it can be done in a much better way. I’m on mobile rn, so if you need a screenshot example I’ll send it when I get a chance.

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please send an example when you have the time ty so much I’m rly new so I’m prob doing a lot extra lol thank you again

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Also quick question, did you want the object to be visible before it is shot?

no i just have it slightly visable so I know its there while I’m working on it ill make it fully invisible when I’m done with this part

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I probably won’t be able to help for a while, so in the mean time, do you know what the Emit behavior is? It seems like this is what you would like to do.

Scroll down to “Emit”

that was the frist thing i tried but I couldn’t find a way to move it to my mouse click

The Point At behavior you’re using should make it work (just make sure to not connect the output from it)

I had a similar issue when I first started out


I know of a few games that use the cursor to aim (Including mine). You need an entirely new object with these behaviors:
The MouseMove behavior needs to be using the game quadrantes.

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thank you this worked!

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Glad to be of help.