Shotgun adventure

shotgun adventure is a 2d-shooter game.
I am planning to publish the game on google play, and eventually on the app-store (IOS).
but before i will do that i want to make at least 10 chapters first!
my plan is that it is going to be a free game without ads.

in this discussion i will publish stuff when I have made new chapters or features. I would be very happy if I got any response on my game!
Link to the game! :

currently there is only one chapter available, but I have made a menu that i think is pretty good.

Link to the game! :

Hey, your game is coming along well! I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Maybe consider moving some of the Player objects behaviors to Bundles. It’s getting pretty complex, and will probably get more complicated as the game progresses. Splitting the behaviors up into bundles might make it easier to understand as you go.

  2. I couldn’t find the logic for the shotgun recoil, but I think an Impulse force might feel a bit better for that? Maybe worth trying - I like the recoil idea.

This game is really good in gameplay. I really like it. Cannot wait until the next chapter comes out. There are a few things I think you could do to make the game look better though.

(1) Polish up sprites.
(2) Import text from, photoshop, or anything else where you can use fonts.
(3) Polish and add animations. For example, a death animation, first boss animations, and maybe a shotgun cock animaiton?

I would love to see these things!


chapter 2 is finally complete. with a new boss fight and some challenging levels. some of the last requests were about editing the sprites, but at the moment I am just designing new and creative levels and gameplay.

what I would like some feedback on tho is if anyone got any ideas for a name for level 2.3. if someone comes up with anything I might use it in the final game.

I hope you enjoy, and of course, if you find any bugs, report!


I like the game and I agree with other posters that the art needs a little work but how did you make the buttons for mobile? I looked and I couldn’t figure it out. Where did you draw your arrow controls because I don’t see it in the library. I am totally new at this btw.

@marlouie please do not comment on old discussions. None of these players have been online for years.