Should I delete this?

My first game was A Little Evil, and it was mostly a test for me to get more of a feel of the very simple aspects of FlowLab. The graphics and animations are a bit poor, and most are based off of default sprites, and all music and sound FX are default. Should I delete this? I’m not very proud of this game in general, but, if you want it to stay, please state that below. If the overall vote is “delete” within this week, it will be gone.

Here it is (for now):

The main reason why I don’t want it is because it is not original, as it is based off of a TV show, and it has very little story, which is what I want my games to be built upon. So please, leave your response below. I think it should be more than just my decision. Thanks, and have a great day!

Hey, I remember that game :slight_smile:

I vote no delete, FWIW. :-1:

I think you should keep it so It could motivate you more for future games. It was the first game that got you going.

The first game for a creator should always be treasured
I vote: no delete

Vote at the moment:

DON’T - 3 + grazer points

DO IT - 0

I’ll wait till Saturday before I’ll decide, just in case the tide turns.

And yes… Grazer has “grazer points”… (grazer points = +2 . Do the math :lol: ). Thanks to all who is participating!

Keep it. If I forget how to do something, I usually go back to my first game to see how I did it in that game. Kid’s Quest helped me a lot when I made Kid’s Quest 2

Okay… I’m keeping it. Thanks for the participation! I felt that this should not just be my choice. Thanks again, and have a great day!

You’ll regret deleting your first ever game. You monster.

I said I’m keeping it @Latif - so don’t worry!

Good choice!

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Ok, sorry :frowning: