Side scroller boss follows player

How do you make an object follow a player on a SIDE SCROLLER game?

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The camera behaviour should help.

I think he means enemies @browngr

How do you want to enemy to follow the player?
Like walking left/right, chasing the player, Move when close to the player, or what?

Also a link to the game with the enemy name would help too.

haha misread that, thanks for telling me XD

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yes (at least 20 characters)

Hello, Can you please reply to my message?

this is a very simple way to do it

it didnt work (at lest 20 characters)

did you mark off trigger only once on proximity and select the proximity?

its fine, i just did random behavior now.

@XXD3G - if you find yourself needing to type “at least 20 characters”, that should be a clue to consider your comment more carefully.

@JR01 asked 3 different questions trying to get you to explain your problem more carefully - so “yes” doesn’t answer anything :slight_smile:

Next time try giving a little bit more detail, and the answers will probably be a lot more helpful.