Simple endless game

Chaos Rampant… I got bored. 0 effort, 20 minutes of work.
I might do something with this one day if I can perfect the concept.
Up - Fly
Left/Right - Turn
Spacebar - Speed Burst

How many rings can you collect before flying off the screen?

Whoa cool!

i got 7!

Is…that…shadow the hedgehog?

…you did not make this in 20 minutes. I am jealous. Interesting though.

I got 20! The trick is to only use the spacebar wen you absolutely need to.

It’s Shadic the hedgehog jng
Muphins, probably less time tbh, this was just a quick test
fearless, good job

make the rings spin around!!

I’m not going to do anything else with this game, it was just to test flying.

Hey, how do you make an endless game, with the rings in a random pattern.

i spent about 30 minutes on this one