Simple math problem? bug?

Hi friends. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Finally feeling like starting to program again now that all the html5 stuff is settled. But I’m running into a weird thing where the number blocks aren’t working how I remember them. Number 1 into another number’s “+” input should add them together to increase at every click right? 1…click again = 2… click again = 3… click again =4… etc. But it stops at 2 and won’t add any further.

Link here:

Behaviors under the “card” which is the blue face with the diamond. Trying to get it to limit 9 of each card dealt out, but can’t get it to count the cards. Seems like it should be simple, but maybe i forgot what im supposed to do. Thanks for the help!

I cannot help you with this, sadly. :frowning:

It seems to work for me when I keep adding for me based on the random… IF you keep selecting the same card (In half second intervals for the switch to go back and for the animation to end to output).

If your wondering why cards aren’t adding after selecting other cards, is because each separate card object holds its own values. Selecting one card won’t add 1 to other card values.

Thank you @“JR 01” that makes sense. I’m guessing the solution is some sort of parent/child relationship and maybe move the counter limit after the spawn so that once it spawns the max number of a certain card it will turn that option off with a switch.

Tbh I never really figured out how the parent/child objects (UI layer objects?) work.
If it were up to me, I probably send a message to a source object.

Based on personal experience, I know that child objects copy some of the features with their parent objects (for example, if a parent object is flipped, then their child objects will also flip). I don’t really use parent options for objects because they cause weird behavior in my games.