Simple Multiplayer Character Select?

Hi! I am trying to create a 2-player classic style street fighter game: one where the players each pick a character and fight. I wonder how I would do this in flowlab. I can use another program, but I’ve grown to really like lots of other things flowlab in particular has to offer.

I don’t think I’m doing anything too complex with multiplayer mode. I’m just using two sprites each marked player object: one is simply controlled with the arrow keys and the other with wasd. I don’t particularly care to make it so that the two players can’t control the other’s characters really - partly because I don’t know how many people would try to do that and also I’m only making this game for some friends.

Here’s a really simple example I made to show what I mean: Flowlab Game Creator - New Game
I’ve tested this example with a remote friend and it works with no problem. We can both control either character simultaneously.

Ideally, I just need a way for the players to assign a skin to the arrow keys character and the wasd character specifically. I’ve tried applying this one by grazer: Flowlab Game Creator - Character Select Example

But it seems not to work with multiplayer mode. I wonder with this if I just need to duplicate the player controller object to have two select screens as different objects - essentially ‘player one choose your character’ then ‘player two choose your character’ right after. I figure it shouldn’t be too hard to make a screen before either of these that allows two players to know they’re both online and ready to play.


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This is a really cool example, but I admit with how much code is in this game already that I’m really struggling to figure out which code blocks actually work the character selection since that’s the only function I need. I’ll try to figure out which piece it is but I’ve already spent a few hours trying to figure it out.

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You’re welcome! You can ask it’s creator, DraftyScienceCoat75, for help.

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