Site feature

Can you add a rating system to games please so that users can give stars to donate how good it is? I would like to see a rating system that only site staff can use too because some users will rate some poor games highly and the staff should know good use of the engine when they see it even if the graphics are not good.

I have spent far too much time loading ultimately lame clones of each other.

I suggested this in the past, so that games could be filtered by most played, or best rated. So far, likes and shares on facebook and twitter are all we have.

Good thinking Batman

Lol wow, I could almost batslap you, but that was pretty funny, boy wonder.

Old man blunder if you don’t mind. lol

i argree with DopeteK. but we also need a game searching bar

but what if someone just started flow lab? then they made a bad game because they are learning. then they get low rates then QUIT flow lab, in this case,
no support

agree with @dopeteK
to super creators comment if you were new to flow lab then people will give you suggestions then you can make better games

No matter what, even on really good YouTube videos, people dislike it, just because. A better system would be a Likes counter. System searches could be “Most plays”, “Newest games”, “Most liked”, or “Staff picks”.