Site freezes when i run code? (SOLVED)

i have 3 sprites spawning and it lags Flowlab Game Creator - New Game @grazer @JR01

You may have an Infinite loop somewhere in your code that’s continuously running and the site can’t load it.

I’m on my phone or else I would take a look at it.

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oh ok

Some funky coding going on, but I’m not getting any loop

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i simplifyd random gen for sidescroler

Nvm got the loop now. Also this is not at all the way to go about making a random side scroller

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what is the loop

I need to get back to my game so I’ll look for 5 minutes for you

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Game isn’t breaking for me now, not sure why.

I made this probably a year or so ago, so it’s definitely not perfect, but much closer to what you should be doing