Six fan arts challenge?

Hi hi! Not sure if anyone else has seen the #sixfanarts challenge thats going around social media currently where people pick 6 characters from pop culture for you to draw, but I thought Id share the results from the ones I did and challenge some others to knock out some fan art. If anyone has an Instagram, you can search the hashtag for more (and check out my insta at @todorrobot)

That’s so dope! I’m uncultured, educate me on what it is. All I know is that it looks cool XD

It’s SCUD, The disposable Assassin :slight_smile:
Love it

@rcreger haha. It didnt occur to me until after I posed this that there might be a large portion of people on this forum who dont know who these characters are. Its Scud, an old comic from the 90s, Nightcrawler from X-men, Stinkor a third wave character from the He-Man franchise, peppermint Larry from Flapjack, Earthworm Jim from 90s era Sega and a character from an old rpg I used to play.

@todorrobot , oh, I knew a few of those haha just wasn’t sure what the first one was (I can’t see the others at the moment since I’m too lazy to login into my InstaXD). And is Everytown an actual place? Haha, I only ask because there’s a game I really like where the protagonist is from Ordinary, Wisconsin Not sure why it reminded me of that.

@todorrobot YES! THE EARTHWORM JIM! P.s this is fantastic! For someone who aspires to be an artiwt too, I respect your cartoon style!