Slippery 2 block high surface bug

Uuumh, i dk if i’m missing something, but when the player whit an already maked run and jump bundle is on the base-border of a 2 blocks high platform and he try to jump on it from there while pressing wall-faced directional button the surface becomes slippery like there is 0 friction and u can continue to skate on it indefinitely by changing direction, at least until you jump again. And another small thing, if u put on the player the polygon collision the jump height strenght doubles.


It’s kind of hard to read what you’re saying here.
It sounds like the player is set to capsule, then when they clip the edge of a block and land on the surface the player will slide indefinitely until they jump. This is just a weird thing with a capsule hitbox that will probably be changed.

As for the Polygon hitbox making the jump height double, that’s probably because the hitbox is a different size, meaning it’s a different weight.
Imagine a 2x2 sqaure. Now imagine it’s a triangle. Well, the triangle is smaller so it will weigh less.

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Yep, you got everything right to me, sorry for my bad english… Oh cool, didn’t think about the weight thing. Ok, got it, but seem to happen even with other hitboxes if u know how to do it. Btw, without the capsule hitbox the player do like is one of those old ninja games where u can hang on the wall. Maybe i just got to study how other games handled this cause those doesn’t seem to have this problem and i’m just a beginner :frowning:

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Cool i manage to resolve the slippery problem, if some noob like me will have this problem too in the future is kinda easy, just put a nice 0 number and connect it to the release (up) of the right and the left button then connect the out of the number on the velocity x and voilà!