Small Bug Fix Update

I just deployed a small update to address two bugs:

  1. Fixed the issue where messages would not be sent in some cases until the game was reloaded.
  2. Fixed tutorial issue where “Browse” button was unclickable

@grazer Next update you should try and add a weight feature for objects

@Bestotted_Puppy In the object’s physics you have a drag, bounce and friction property. The drag property is the object’s weight.

There’s currently no behavior to change the object’s drag property. But it would be useful if it exists.

@Latif3 That helped a ton! But I still think It should be switched to be a number you type rather than a 0 - 100

Yeah the circle is pretty weird and confusing, the only thing I can say is deal with it.

Dang it

Hey guys, I just wanted to clarify - drag is not exactly weight. Drag is like friction that applies even when you aren’t touching anything. It basically just removes velocity every frame.

Some questions for anyone who cares to chime in:

  1. Does everyone hate the knobs? Should they be changed to just Number selectors or something?

  2. I could potentially add a “Mass” setting, which is closer to what you want, probably. I haven’t added it previously because noone seemed to care, and I wanted to keep the physics settings simple. Is mass adjustment something that would be generally helpful to people?

@grazer just slightly confusing- Id like to be able to type in the percentages

@grazer the physics are nice now but confuse as @CrimsonBlackGames said… and yap… type in percentages would be better too

drag works a bit like weight too but I know it isn’t really weight, and yes the knobs are annoying. A box with a + and - button next to it would be better.

I think the knobs are fine, you just have to click and hold the knob and drag it up or down - this confused me at first because it is logical to click and hold and then move the mouse in a circle around the knob, as if you were turning it - once you get used to this, its fine.

I do think it would be helpful to have an adjustment for the mass in a future update though. It could automatically change based on the size of the object and then could be manually adjusted by the user.