Small features!

Hey @grazer,

I had a feature in mind. For example, if you’re currently making a game. And if you want to playtest most of the time you need to leave the editor to test the game but also you’re publishing the game to the public meanwhile you’re not done yet with the update. So it would be cool if there was a playtest mode.

So if you leave the game editor most of the time it would automatically save the game but if the update is not done yet. And you don’t want to publish the update or game to the platform yet. It would be cool if there was a publish button so you could publish the update to the public.

Test the game in the incognito browser

@JR01, What is a incognito browser?

@R0CK, it’s an option to open (another) tab that’ll be separate as if its a different browser.

This “incognito” mode is an option in most or all browsers, and it resets your cache (so even save behaviors are reset) and doesn’t take or store cookies (so your also signed out of accounts).

Its basically like making the computer think that its the first time you visited the site and the first time you played the game. It’s really useful to test the game and to test changes without affecting the game yet. If you get what you need, you can copy/import your work.

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