Small House Forum & Art Advice

Hey if anyone could give me pixel-art advice (or art advice in general) I’d be pretty happy :upside_down_face:

Also please don’t just redirect me to YT, I go there and none of what they do makes sense, they just show you how to make the art, not how to do it yourself.

if you’re wondering what some of my art pieces look like go one line down, I have a cartoon-ish art style.

I can only do furniture : )

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make things exaggerated with pixel art characters
add shadows under foot
when having textured grass, make it two block tall, the second block not being solid
if u need any more just ask :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, though your art style is VERY different from mine lol

lmao it still is helpful hopefully :DDD

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Eventually I want to get into 1-bit pixel art but that’s a bit more advanced for someone like me and I don’t even know where to start : )

start at the end lmao

Could someone judge this? (sorry I did it in 100x100 in
pixil-frame-0 (58)


I don’t like the chimney at all, doesn’t look right lol or the clouds

Doesn’t match.

Just me or were the forums down for everyone else too? Just came back for me…


Yup, the forums went down temporarily. Also, I think the house art looks great!


Going to be an intractable house game, but there isn’t much yet.

Just trying clicking on things when you get into the house

Looks good! I’d add more texturing to the logs.

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thanks for the feedback, will do!

(kinda just slapped stuff together lol)

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The art looks good :upside_down_face:


The Small House now has one fully intractable room!

This comes with: (spoiler)

- Fire Place Mission
-Fresh Air Mission
-Exploding Lights
-Movable Rug

Working on more!

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The clouds are too gray for a bright and sunny day.

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I agree, I’ll change it.


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I should flip the colors, grey over white not white over grey.




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