Small Request For Nordic Editor Theme

So as a Light-Mode user, I have begun to use the Nordic theme, but after using it I’ve realized the grid in the sprite editor for Nordic is barely visible.
You can’t even see it. I would like the grid to be just like a light grey or something that you could see because I don’t like that I can’t see the grid while drawing.


:frowning: no justice for light mode users
(haven’t gotten a response by anyone, but I especially want grazer to respond.

Lmaoo! what? Do you actually use it? Be honest ahaha

To be honest, I reallyyyy want to make a good light theme with a good choice of colors so it could be used.
(I didn’t make the current one btw)


Yes, I use light-mode unless I have a headache because that’s normally when it actually hurts.

I still would really like for this feature to be added.