small update: better messages

I just deployed an update to address some message problems that were exposed in another thread. Here are the updates:

  1. Message code has been updated and optimized to be much faster, so they should be far less likely to cause performance problems in your game
  2. Messages now send to attachments correctly
  3. Update to the Filter behavior: It now has a “value” input so that you can change the comparison value while the game is running

Let me know in the thread if you have any questions or problems.

That filter thing will come in handy, BIG TIME.

No more use of expressions for high scores

Got a question, is it possible to have a message target more than one object. This could be helpful as there would be less of a need for more message behaviors

I like that new input in the filter. Useful when you want to make highscores :slight_smile:

This also means simpler chasing mechanisms