Small update: Level Delete

This is something that has been requested a zillion times, and it’s definitely needed: Level delete button. I finally took some time this weekend to implement it, but be aware - deleting a level deletes all the objects in that level too (obviously), so it’s a pretty quick way to lose your work if you do it accidentally.

I wouldn’t mind an undo button, or if it’s not already there… a confirmation message.


There is no undo button, but there is a confirmation popup.


Probably because if once it’s deleted, it’s gone instead of being archived

@grazer music doesn’t stop when a level ends, and if you go back to that same level, the music plays on top of itself

Correct about deletions - once a level is deleted, it’s completely gone - they are not soft deleted the way entire games are, so they can’t be recovered.

@jngthree - you and @muddyapples have both reported this sound stopping problem, I’ll post an update when I sort it out.

@jngthree - the sound issue seems to have been caused by an optimization I made for mobile devices. I reverted this change for now, which seems to fix it, but I need to investigate more to find out exactly why it was misbehaving.

For the moment it seems ok though, thanks for reporting.

@grazer another bug: Saved numbers will not read properly… they just stay at 1

@jngthree - I don’t think I understand. My high score demo is working fine, and it uses a saved Number to save the score:

Do you have an example I can look at?

Try selecting a gamemode other than arcade; when I did this i still got sent to arcade mode.

Session 1: (order specific)
Arcade will load
Pacifism will load
Bosses mode will not load and brings me to the mode before.
Music doesn’t stop when leaving pacifism

Session 2:
Bosses will load
Max mode instead loads bosses

The music did not bug out

PS: when did you come up with a high score demo?!

@jngthree - I just investigated this issue. As far as I can tell, the saving & loading is working fine. I think that the issue with your levels not loading as expected is that there is an alert box showing up on top of your menu, and clicks from that are bleeding through and selecting a different level right before the level loads.

I had set up that alert on purpose to let people outside of flowlab know there’s a problem with it

Well, I removed it, but the reason it works now is because there’s a messaging system I replaced it with.

However messaging isn’t working properly in the GUI, I think. Apparently it can handle so many messages… because my attempts with the D-Pad in SB2ME is being screwed over by messages being triggered, but the recieving end not getting it. It’s really annoying.