Smash Bros Battle System Accomplished!

If you make all players respawn at the same coordinates, you can just have them respawn on top of a floating platform that enables when a player touches an edge block, then you teleport to the platform, and when you stop touching it, or a timer runs out, it disables, and alpha 0s. All maps should have the same spawn area. The only problem is having multiple players with multiple scroll views. I’d rather have a zoom view, so I could make an equation for how far or close to zoom, depending on the distance two players are from spawn.

Or have one object that has a scroll view, and adds up all the positions then divides them by X (X=# number of people) just make sure the field is small enough so none of the players go offscreen.

I did that in multiplayer mode for starblast

That’s the problem, though. They do go off screen, if they go opposite directions, and that means you can’t make large maps, like in Smash Bros.

Im out of ideas otherwise

yeah… a “zoom” behavior would be nice

and why is everyone focusing on ssb games all of a sudden?! xD

I was already building a smash engine for Shifter, since it’s essentially Metroid with running and punching. jng made his vs game a long time ago. Not sure why anyone else is.

@Luminous700 @“Mhx Ar”, I’m only doing it just cause it was something that I wanted to make. it looked like fun, so I tried it. And as far as the zooming as @jngthree and you guys have mentioned I have an idea that just might work.