I’m trying to get the smoke to come out the back of the plane not above it

I’ve used grazers logic from Space Drones…hrm…any ideas?


Oh sure, that’s easy. Currently your 2 planes use “down” for their forward, so the smoke will always be projected above. With “right and left” as the forwards, the smoke trails behind. Now there’s the problem of the bombs not dropping below right? Well attach an invisible object to the planes that has “down” as forwards, and have that drop the bombs. Even more, make the Plane 1 and 2 be on Game Layer 2 so the bomb always looks like it’s falling directly out of the plane, instead of in front of it.

Thanks - a true flowlab ninja! Not sure it actually adds anything now, plus it’s a prop plane…

Ha, no problem man, hopefully it works well for you.