Snakes Discusion

Try out the game, tell me what you think of it so far. I’ll post an update any time there’s a mature update. The game should be playable online by Christmas.

I’ve finished the snake logic for now. But when the game starts a up-left corner wall spawns? If someone wants to try and tackle this issue it would be great, otherwise it doesn’t really matter and I can cheat to fix it up.

Later today I will see the issue. its also nice that you made a discussion of this game!

If you can find the problem I’ll be incredibly impressed, the code is pretty complex. Also, how are your games coming?

Took a break. I have to make a animation for school, so Im not that active. Its due Monday, so I will be more active by that day.

Can’t look at the problem right now tho because I am in school, and the coding portion of the website is blocked. (Weird cuz the forums aren’t XD)

Hopefully I can find the problem. I will take a quick look later today.

I have a game!!!

Snakes is now playable as a game, multiplayer playable soon, probably around thanksgiving because I’ll have time then.

For the record this is NOT a finished product, more features, game modes, and mechanics all coming soon.

Very fun! little lag, but fun!

I believe you will put in a score thing later, so I won’t point that out as a flaw.

Score was 26. (yes I counted, because meh.)

Hey everyone! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! I have been working on the game lately, nothing much, some lag reduction and some improved logic. I’m almost ready to start working on online!

Merry Christmas Happy New Year!

I haven’t been able to work on the game a ton lately and probably won’t be able to again until after flowjam.

However I still have a moderately small update that includes a title screen logic, bug fixes, and hopefully more potential for online play.