So, I need a name for a game

So, I’ve made a fantasy RPG DEMO and I can’t think up of a name for it … I would like this community’s help (if there are multiple one’s that I like, I will do a survey on Twitter) but, I will at the one and only legendary name maker ever: @Crigence

@MagmaDude100 did you forget about me?

Anyways, whats the story, or the game about? Otherwise I would say Not a RocketPropelledGrenade

Yeah, what is the game about? What’s the story?

The detail ain’t done yet, take that into mind:
It’s about a knight fighting monsters to save a princess (Dragon is in the bottom left)

The Savior? The Captive? The Scrolls of the Trapped? Story of any name? The Legend of any name? The Untamed? Snatched? The Knight of the Land? Dragon Unbound? Maybe some names of the country this is set in, something with these names maybe: Gradwell, Mahrlbuir, Hanglion, Alkani, Falmiir, Misonik, or maybe Jadeison? Just some suggestion, but I hope everything works out! Good luck!

It’s not the best I could gind but it’ll do

I ended up getting the sapphire bride, but decided to change it to The Sapphire Princess (idk if it makes sense but I’m going with it for now, i will do voting later today on my Twitter)


I might think of something to add to it like “The Legend of The Sapphire Princess” or something like that

That sounds great!!! :smiley: