2 of my games are now deleted because of a bug last night! :frowning:

Hey, how did a bug delete two of your games? If this is a bug a need to fix it ASAP.

I see the following deleted games, are any of these the ones you mean?:

For Courtney From ???
Pokemon BLOOD
Pokemon LAVA
Airhorn App
Love Mode for courtney

If so, I can undelete them. If not, give me some more details and I’ll try to help.

Pokemon Blood :slight_smile:
and another one but I think it was on a different account/computer (my dads)
The other one was a fan-game for my buddy on youtube.

Ok, Pokemon BLOOD is undeleted - let me know if you have any issues with it. Let me know what the other game was and I’ll restore that one as well.

Do you have any idea how these games got deleted? If this is a bug, I would really like to fix it.

okay thank you, I dont know what it was because when I went on my account there was two games called “new game” and I couldn’t play them. also forums wasn’t working.