(SOLVED) Help with shields

I need a little help. I have a shield ability coded into my game, but it doesn’t work. I need it to block the enemy bullets.

The dmg Mailbox us supposed to stop the damage from coming through and the stop mailbox is supposed to tell the Player object that it can be damaged again from enemy fire.


why not just use a switch? use a switch to prevent the damage value from reaching the main health storage.

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I tried that, it didn’t work. Flowlab Game Creator - Elemental Kingdoms I need help with the object emitter.

you should be able to hook “stop” to the off of a switch. then when the shield is deactivated, you can have “go” sent to the on of a switch. if you want a timed shield you can just use a timer and have it wait for a bit and then turning the “on” to the switch.

Don’t forget: you can watch the code run while running the game.

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Wait… How do I pair that with the collision?:

I want the bullet to collide with the player and an on and off switch to be able to activate and deactivate that mechanism. Collision has not inputs.

@sup3r87, are you there? I need to fix this before 7PM my time or… I lose.

No way! I just figured it out! Thanks @sup3r87 for helping. I ended up using a switch and this funky code and it worked! The solution goes to sup3r87 because he mentioned using a switch.

… You were watching the entire time, sup3r87?

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