[SOLVED] Last Stand Broke


Whenever I try to load a specific one of my games, nothing loads, not even the editor. I can’t do anything at all. That’s it.


Nothing I can do will do ANYTHING TO THE SCREEN!!! It just stays like this.

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Giving out the link is useless because even I can’t check it, so I’m pinging Grazer.

If he doesn’t respond I’ll try to tell him about it in Discord later.

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It looks like the object “Indicator Grenade” was creating an invalid polygon physics shape that the physics sim was very unhappy about. I’ve made a note to fix this, but in the mean time I changed the collision shape of this object to a “circle”, which I think is probably what you want anyway.

The game should be loading OK again, please let me know if you run into any other issues like this, and thanks for reporting it.


Thanks a lot grazer!

Yeah, I wasn’t really thinking when I made it a polygon.

Will do.

Thanks Grazer!
Cool this is fixed now.

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Is this related?:

My other game won’t load.

Post a link and I’ll take a look.

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Here’s the link, thanks.

Hey, this seems unrelated. I’m looking into it now, but it appears that there is an object (Cloud2) with a bundle “Random” that is not loading correctly. Do you remember what you were working on when this occurred? Is there anything unusual about this bundle or object that is unusual?

I’m just trying to work out the sequence of events that could have caused it to get into its current state.


Cloud2 was an old object that I made about three months ago. I was just working on the second Campaign level when it crashed. Then again, Last Stand crashed at least 10 minutes after I made the object that caused the crash.

I also don’t think any of the Cloud2 objects are placed, especially not in the menus or campaign levels, so the bundle shouldn’t have to load.

The bundle was made to randomize a set of animations for the clouds, I’ve done this sort of thing before, so it shouldn’t be any different.

Also, I don’t really need the clouds anymore, so you can just delete the object all-together.