[Solved] Problem with physics joints - joint objects lag behind or have momentum

I’m playing around with physics joints and have a guy with an arm attached using a physics joint, but it doesn’t seem possible to make movement work properly. If I move the guy by setting velocity, there’s no way for him to stop; release the movement key sets his velocity to 0, but the arm still has momentum and causes they guy to keep sliding forward at a reduced speed. If I instead make the forward key move the guy by increasing his position, the arm lags behind like the shoulder is made of rubber. I haven’t been able to solve either issue, so I thought I’d ask if there is a solution.

I’ve tried every kind of connection, flexible or not, with different springiness and stiffness settings. The arm has to be movable, or the guy won’t move.

It seems like there should be options to move objects connected through joints at the same time as the parent object rather than acting like they’re connected by rubber and to not have momentum or speed for the physics joint connections.

Here’s my experiment: Flowlab Game Creator - New Game

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I can work around the velocity issue by placing key up events that set the velocity of child objects attached through physics joints to 0, but hopefully there is some way to use the physics joints so that this isn’t necessary.

I’ll leave this workaround disconnected in the arm for now to make it easier for other people to check.

Yes, all joints will have their own physics and can push around the primary body.
Depending on what you’re trying to do, some solutions are:

  • To message to all spawned objects to also 0 velocity (This messages joints).
  • Set the body to not be movable.
  • Using spawn or attach instead that follows the body.
  • Make the arm not solid.
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Thanks for the reply. For some reason I had thought making the body movable was necessary, but it’s not, and disabling that fixed the continued movement caused by the arm.

However, I was just playing with physics and don’t actually need to use them, so I’ll just go with an attacher.

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