Some advice for sprite making

So this is my first sprite, any comments or stuff i need to add?

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(How i did my other good sprites: I have two screens and the other one is yt so i was just watching yt while something was controlling my hands and legs. :smiley: I think it was my brain.)

Good start!

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Nice, btw how do you make a nice walking animation? I always struggle with one.


The legs are too big, the body is too small, the head is too big, you need to add shading, you need to add textures, and it’s too blocky.

to animate walking you just make the player look like they are moving (search up walking animation on google for good examples) and you see the side of them. (since your sprite is staring into your eyes)

making a sprite v2… (drawing intensifies)

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I just make the legs shuffle.

That’s never a good idea, since it will still be staring at you and it will look like a sleep paralysis demon.

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Ok. arrow keys to move, this good? Flowlab Game Creator - New Game i just moved the eyes on left and right

Legs are too small and you’re still missing texture shading, fixing how blocky it is, and some either things i mentioned.

what is texture shading?

i meant texture, shading (forgot the comma)

I will now add my first ever shade!

btw my character is based off riddle school, and check it again i edited

i have no idea what that is nor what this sentence means

Well Lasher is quite a bizarre fellow that may seem frightening or disturbing to children and/or the easily disturbed.

once again i have no idea what you’re talking about nor when i asked that question

When I made my first game with walking animations, The GAME: Fazbear Waifu Crisis, I made the player character Lasher walk like that.

Just because you did something doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it (for example throwing a football while not holding the laces)

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