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You guys don’t need to worry about me anymore.


Dash upwards… So a jump?

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why are you using positioning and not velocity to dash

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Using position to go through blocks!

How about I raname it to Teleport upwards

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Bro took the run and jump bundle and took just the jump part and changed the one block to position

Ok I did that (because I was in a rush)… And?

…and it’s gonna be inefficient because the r&j bundle is horrible


Also what kind of bundle or example is it if there is a better version(ie the run and jump) and yours is just a one behaviour variant

You know what? You do you, who am I to criticize. Maybe this will actually be helpful to someone

It may be helpful to me, I will give the robot cowboy this power

Well sorry for the useless example I will PROBABLY get better…

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Also maybe when your trying to make a example, don’t rush it. Every time I see you make something I see “I rushed it”

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I do rush pretty much everything so sorry about that…

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