some glitches that need fixing - a stitch in time(all solved)

so now that flowjam is over, editing has been opened up again, so I can fix what needs fixing. problem is, I don’t know how to fix them. if anyone has any solutions, I would be happy to hear them. I’m hoping I get get my game a bit more working so i can other other more unnecessery touches.

-time ghost(final boss) teleports a little bit instead of smoothly transitioning between his movement points.(solved)

-sometimes you have to press (e) more than once to teleport.(solved)

-items purchase themselves in hub world (solved)

I’m very sorry my code is probably very messy in some places

oh here’s the link by the way

hold up i just figured out the item purchasing thing

Are you still having these issues @F3Art? I can look into it when I have more time later.

yes @“JR 01” I am

i would appreciate the help (:

Hey @F3art, I think I figured out a fix for the teleporter one.
Annotation 2020-08-07 143835

The timers are on a delay of 2/10

@BitWit I don’t really understand sorry

Alright, I just got the chance to look at the game.
From the top, here’s why the boss is teleporting instead of easing left and right:

The Global for “playerexist” keeps outputting like an Always behavior.
Because of this, the boss is fighting with both ease behaviors going off at the same time.

This is a simple fix though from in the “1111ghost” object:

Just make this switch turn itself off (add the orange wire below):

For the teleport problem I kinda redone the “Warp” bundle inside the player, but this way you will teleport instantly on the first button press.

Note: Timers are set to 0, and I only used 1 keyboard behavior.

Here’s a Stretched out version so you can see all the Wires:

thanks @“JR 01”

I’ll try out both of these.

@“JR 01” and @BitWit all of my problems are fixed now. thanks for the help!

No Problem @F3Art

@F3art Happy to help!

what do i do after the ghsost boss i killed all the barrels then it just rewinds time

@FeaRx step on the circles around the time wound in the right order, it will seal it, and you will win the game.

ok. but where the circles?
ane how do i fnd the rght order