Some helpful ideas

So I’ve been messing around with Flowlab, and I have some helpful ideas.

1. A "Passable" option

So I’ve been trying to make some platformers, but it just doesn’t feel right without semisolids.

2. Level-Dependent Gravity

If you are making a game that takes place on multiple different planets, you should be able to change the gravity based on the level you are currently on.

3. A "Select Objects" Tool

So if you are copying some objects, and you mess up, It takes forever to undo that. So what I’m saying here is that you can click on a button, and then select the objects you want to get rid of or move, then get rid of them or move them.

4. A "Text" block

So for this one, I was thinking of something like where if you press the Y key while playing the game, the letter Y would show up on the screen.

5. Slopes

For this, I’ve tried to make slopes, but whenever I do, the movement is weird and choppy up them. So maybe you would be able to select a slope option, then set the angle, and then you have a fully functional slope.


Hey @ShadowKnight64 - thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

  1. This is a good idea. They are doable with behaviors, but having them built into the physics system would be nice

  2. You can change the gravity for an object by using a Motor block on the y axis. Gravity is essentially just a motor for pushing down on everything.

  3. Yes.

  4. Yes - this is coming in the next update.


Any news on #5?

Just curious, would be interesting to have.

You could make slopes yourself using polygons and less friction. I also think that grazer once said that custom hit boxes may be considered (although I am too lazy right now to check to make sure).


Slopes are possible using polygon collision shapes, but they can be a bit fidgety to get perfectly aligned.


Yes and it could have an option to select which sides you can’t pass through and ones you can using the Baha’i very similar to collision

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ME GO YESSSSSSSSSSS ( 20 characters )

I would also like to see layer collisions with this,
like “don’t collide with objects on layer 4”.

i feel like there should be a physics option for “softness” you know those physics they do for slimes, it should be like that, softness of zero would be just the normal, softness of 50 would make it slightly squishy and 100 will be a flimsy squishy thingy xD


I like this idea:) +1 from me

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Can you show an example?

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If you need help @Gudu, please make a new discussion.
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If you need an example for slopes, I have one here:


5. Download, or save this image to your device. Upload it to flowlab’s sprite editor (modify the slope’s appearance too), then set the object’s collision shape to a polygon. This will depend on your player character’s collision shape as well. You can rotate or flip it in a photo editor of some sort.

It doesn’t work with all collision shapes

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What do you mean?

You can make a sloped object by setting its collision to polygon.


The character’s collision shape

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