Some new multiplayer behavior ideas

I had this idea that would basically let us create something roblox esq: instance
This behavior would be multiplayer only and essentially allow you to create a new instance in your game it would have a couple inputs such as
Create: self explanatory
Id: brings you to any running instance generated with the same id as the input
Print: prints the id of the instance your currently in, allowing the player to tell there friends there current server id
Delete: self explanatory
Max: the input determines the amount of players aloud in the new instance
Level: determines the level you start in on the new instance
As for outputs there would be the result to print along with empty which detects when the servers empty, this would be useful for those who wish to destroy the instance once nobody remains this would really only be useful if instead of deleting the server when empty it would pause all objects instead of those with the behavior in it. And resume them once someone rejoins the instance
This would allow us to make battle royale games where we are in a new random “server” each time or even survival games

So you want to make flowlab inside flowlab?

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I’m pretty sure you can already do all this with the Cloud Block.

In that case feed me your knowledge

Pretty much(202020202020)

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Sorry I’m here for a minute lol.
Cloud blocks are like save blocks but they keep the data stored in a cloud (also called a server lol) that lets every player access that same save. So if I get a cloud number of 4, and the name of that cloud is “number”, then when another person plays the game and looks at the value “number” it will be 4. I have a good example of how to use this in my Leaderboard in Notes & Waves. Check the devlog for further details, ask any questions you might have!