Some question for my team super blocky racing game

how do i make it so that the first TEAM to cross the finish line wins? and how do i make it do that the teammate can use their own item and when a player gets hit by another teams certain item they stop for a few seconds? and sry if this is too much but im a little over an amateur flowlab user, thanks in advance!

Hi! Welcome to the forums.
You would want to use message blocks, sending signals to a main computer block that is keeping track of the scores. Every time a player crosses the finish line, it should send a message to the main block telling it to add one number to that team’s points.

I’m not sure all the mechanics of your game, but if you want to check to see if all players on one team have crossed the finish line, you will want to use a combination of AND gates

i tried that and it didnt work out

@johnpost that’s incredibly hard compared to just counting the players when they cross the finish line.

@meburningslime could u give a screenshot example

Not really, it would just be a combination of your suggestion (somehow counting when players cross), and checking if ALL the players from one team have crossed, e.g. Player X AND Player Y AND Player Z

could u give a screenshot example too?

Look at the message and mailbox block. You can use them to literally add numbers to a number block, thereby simplifying the code

Sorry, I’m on mobile rn.
Collision block on the car should send a message titled team1 to the computer. The computer should have a mailbox titled team1 and it adds 1 to a number block.

thank you so much, ill try it!

No problem. Make sure they have no capitalizations, it IS case sensitive.

it didnt work, and i didnt use capitalizations

Please screenshot. Also, on the bottom left of the behaviour editor, there is a blue play button. Press that to watch the code play out while the game is running.

Regarding the question about teams winning -
Could you please explain exactly what is currently happening, and exactly what you want to happen?

@johnpost and @meburningslime the teammates collision message isnt being sent to the finish line or the finish line isnt recieving the message.

nevermind its working now, thanks

It’s working how you want it to?

yep, and could u help with one more thing? @johnpost and @meburningslime

the issue was that the teammate was destryed before it could send the message to the finish line