Some things not going so well in HTML5 (A-Box)

I’ve recently tested A-Box in HTML5, and many things stuck out. The main one was how much it lagged, and how slow everything moved, which took away much of the enjoyment from the game. Here is my current list of things that was wrong:

  • A lot of major lagging
  • Blocks take a while to load in place between levels
  • While level is loading, music from previous level is still playing

For the moment, those are the main ones, but I may find others later on. Here is the link for the HTML version of the game:

And the original:

This is, of course, something @grazer is going to look into, and I hope they are fixable. Other than those current things, I think the updates are moving along decently, and the improvements are being well recieved, I think. Thanks in advance!

Hey @rcreger - thanks for reporting this stuff. I’ve been testing A-Box quite a bit with the HTML5 engine, and have had pretty decent performance here. I’m not seeing long loading times, lag when playing, or audio overlap.

Do you mind providing a few more details to help track this down?

  • What sort of computer are you using? (Windows 10, Windows 7, Mac, Chromebook, etc)
  • What browser are you using? (Chrome, FF, etc)
  • Which level switch is loading slowly (I assume it’s the Main level from the menu?)
  • Can you describe the lag a bit more? is it that the player movement is janky? does the lag persist the entire game, or just while loading?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding @grazer ,

*I am not sure exactly which computer I am using, but it has relation to Windows, and is a lap top.
*I also am using Chrome as my browser.
*For the levels that take a while to load are all of them, but what I find strange is that the blocks are loaded in one by one.
*Finally, for the lag, it is just slow and does not stop being slow, so it is continuous and is throughout the entire game.

I hope this helps, as the main issue I have with the HTML5 for the moment is because of the lag it gives to my lap top, which does not occur in the regular Flash.