Somebody please help, my code was deleted

My flowlab site got crashed after trying to do something and all the code in the rocket ship was removed. @grazer can you help restore it?

I really need this to be restored.

I wish I had access to discord right now bc i’m pretty sure grazer is more active there.

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Can anyone that has access to discord at the moment alert Grazer about this or something for me? I need to finish this game by Mar. 10 and it would really help if you did.

Hey @DeadlyGumChewer - what’s the issue? What exactly happened to your game?

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So I was editing the rocket ship object when the scarier version of the infinite loop happened. (The one where instead of the infinite loop message popping up it just condenses the editor screen into the the box where the game is in)

Then I reloaded and all the rocket ship code was gone! By the way, this happened as I was playing through the editor.

I hope I’m not being seen as impatient at the moment I just pretty much need this fixed.

Aw, man. That really stinks, I hope it gets fixed in time. :frowning:


I need to get this game done fast, I’ll just recreate the code I guess.