Something is going to happen

Hello Flowlab Community!
A ton of you guys already know me, but I have to tell you guys about something. I love making games on Flowlab, it’s so easy! But I’m afraid that I’m going to take a break for at least 2-5 weeks. I’m focusing more on Minecraft Animation music videos, and I’m making one with a lot of my friends. So you won’t here from me only if I’m bored, or if I have some extra time. My Youtube channel is being hacked by the same hacker that hacked my friend, so I also want to try to get rid of whoever is hacking my channel. I’ll surely be back. Wish me luck:)

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That’s not how that works… You don’t just know if your channel is getting “hacked”.

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Just request elaboration

So if multiple of your videos is missing and channel description says, “THIS CHANNEL IS BAD” means it’s not getting hacked?

I know your probably a bit young and don’t know about “hackers” much yet. Youtube deletes videos if they have copyrighted music (only sometimes), and “hackers” have no reason to hack into your account. Plus, if they have your youtube account, that means they have your google account. You’d see many differences in your gmail and even google docs. Plus they do much worse than just delete a video.

Also, you are lying about this

it doesn’t say that

No, I changed it! I wouldn’t keep it like that.

Yes I know, there’s other stuff, but it’s a bit too private so I don’t wanna share it.

Look, i know you want me to believe you and you’re creating random scenarios that make no sense. Sometimes I overexaggerate stuff, but not to this extent. You are not getting hacked. Tbh, maybe your friend got on your phone and changed it. I’m guessing it didn’t ever happen though.

I’m being hacked bc of a bad desition I made, I was helping my two friends who has gotten hacked like in the other thing, and when I helped, the hacker, whoever he is, hacked me and found my Youtube channel.

I had a few videos that I liked a lot, the next day, it’s gone. Look, this is NOT the main point of the topic, it’s about I want to work on animating more, but using less time on Flowlab. I don’t care if you don’t believe me, but you don’t have to make it a BIG part of the topic.

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