Something is wrong here

GalaxianGames August 30
I have officially joined the DoM Dev Team. HOWEVER, there is one slight problem: my computer can’t seem to load any of the game art. Not sure if I am looking at the right game since there is so many copies of it.

meburningslime August 30
ARE so many copies XD
@Grimproductionz remove some plz

GalaxianGames August 30
Actually, I’m pretty sure it was @Ramshacklegamestudios who made so many copies. He wanted to make sure that nobody trolled and messed up the main game.

Ramshacklegamestudios August 30
Yeah that was me I thought you couldn’t see them lol

Ramshacklegamestudios August 30
I deleted all copies

Ramshacklegamestudioss 8:03AM
the game art isn’t loading for me either galaxican. It seems to be working fine but the error won’t go away.

Ramshacklegamestudios 8:05AM
it won’t load on copies either

If anyone knows why this is happening please tell me.

Yeah, this art unable to load issue is kinda annoying.
Also I like how your second to last message misspelled my username. XD

yeah, sorry lol

this is what happens EVERY SINGLE TIME
Screenshot 2020-08-31 at 9.30.43 AM

I know how to fix it



I used to have that problem it was fixed easily what happened is theres usauly a object that appears red in the library delete it and you should be fine

literally every invisible object is red…

whelp guess I’m deleting those

ok @glithctyrus you were right

yay it’s fixed!

Those objects must have gotten corrupted or something