Sonic Undoing

To be completely honest. I love platformers. Especially Sonic The Hedgehog. I mean he rivaled Mario at the time, and your game is great! I’m having trouble with the wall jumping but nonetheless the game has pretty good sprites and gameplay. It would be cool if the final boss was metal shadow though.

Walljumping was a rig I made a long time ago. I had a thing for inventing new ways to make game mechanics that are common in AAA platformers.

Crimson Hunters is the most recent game with a wall jump rig by me @TheGameDemon

thx to u both for ur suggestions. i like the metal shadow idea. ill look into it. the only thing is i can’t find ur wall jump in all that mess.

nice game

i am a huge sonic fan

Yes I found another one :slight_smile:

I wasnt really a fan of sega- matter of fact, I didnt like them not because of their games, but because their old goal was to condemn Nintendo. Since then they have eased up on that and so therefor my reason to not like them is gone. I kinda like them now...
-CBG, just now, 2018