Sonic Undoing

Pls comment and fav my game (:

boosts are going to be available

its now called Sonic Undoing btw

sorry but stick advance has to go i can only have 3 games and it is taking up room sorry

should I take classic sonic out of keep him in? pls give some advise he’s getting to be a pain in the neck

Major update 1.1:
1: New Ground Slam press down after jumping
2: New wall jump press Z while touching a red and black wall
3: You now die when touching an enemy with no rings
4: Many bug fixes
5: New dash rings jump into one and don’t press anything for a small air boost
Pls play and Favorite it (-;

there is a secret in this game and it has to do with 50 rings good luck finding it :wink:

pls comment if you do (:

Don’t forget to post a link :smiley:

ohh yea lol

You need to fix the hitboxes of the sonic (it really disturbs the gameplay) and the wall jump thing doesn’t work very well…
But yeah not bad at all…

But why don’t you try to make your own concept, own characters and create a whole new game?.. I mean Sonic is already an big trilogy and Sonic Mania is out so making a modern Sonic isn’t such a big deal. Don’t get me wrong It’s totally fine to do it and if you like it of course keep it with :smiley:

I am just suggesting and trying to help

iv actually been thinking about that ill hopefully make a new character soon and I can’t figure out whats wrong with the hit boxes ill need some help with that @“Mhx Ar” @PixelPizza @grazer

Well just changue the player shape to a circle or capsule

ok got it

i tried it but the slanted grass wont work anymore so pls help

I dont understand

the slanted grass wont let we walk up it without jumping

nice game!

thank you

yay 1000 plays and its still not done