Sorry for the leave(Please Read)

Hello everybody, Good to see flowlab still up and running. I guess I came at the right time. There is something I have to tell you. Now the things you are about to hear is no excuse or lies. If you think it is, it’s ok. But it’s not. I will tell you now.

My parents were always close to each other. We were a good family, but…one day my parents had a fight. I don’t know what they were fighting about, but there was screams and swearing. I don’t know how long they were fighting. But soon after things started to chill down. After that, they started
argumenting all the time now to the point where I would have to stay at my uncle’s and auntie’s house. Soon after my dad filed for divorce and we all went to court. At the end, I had to say with my mom, while my dad broke up and went to live in a apartment. This really affected me and my mom.
For her, she had no one to watch me, except my uncle and auntie, so everytime she would go to work she would drop me off at their house. One day, we got the news about my dad. He died. He died in his own house, in his sleep. The cops came in and inspect and blamed on my mom, in which she had to go to court again and deal with it. Again, at the end my mom lost money, me and went to jail. I now had to stay with my uncle and auntie 24 hours. These events really affected me and my motivation to do anything. I didn’t want to go to school, didn’t want to eat and overrall I didn’t want to enter flowlab.

Before Halloween even started my uncle came to me and spoke to me. He said that Your father and mother wouldn’t want you to be like this. Something like that. He help me day after day and tried to get me to do something at least. Which I was finally conviced. I opened my laptop that day and entered my login password. I open google and there it was bookmarked waiting for me to click on it. Flowlab. For some reason I hesitated to just click it, but when I finally did forum loaded on the screen, and I start scrolling down to see what is happening in this humble game website. Now everyday I would look at what people were saying, but didn’t reply. New games were being made once and a while. and music were being composed. Motivation entered my soul little bit at at a time and I started to do other things. Then things went downhill again, I learnt that my mother was killed by a man in the jail, while in the jail lunch room. Her hit was cracked and she ethier died from blood loss or something else related to head in juries. We had the funeral, and went home…my tears broke the motivation and forced it away, but some stayed. My could kept holding on the broke pieces and was finding every way to connect the pieces back together.

After months, days I am back on my feet. I now made a new account(for some reason) and here I am typing my story about why I disappeared. I don’t know what I am going to do but I will probably get back to making the halo fan game. See ya.

If you are reading this I hope you can understand, and really feel my pain, and don’t take this story as a joke. Like or no like, It does not matter.


This is serious. I understand. It is not a joke, and I hope that you make it through and live on well.


ok :+1:


@Agent_Y and @Baron_Wasteland
That’s cold
I hope you know that they put the testimony here because they feel a connection to flowlab.
Don’t diss that for any reason because it doesn’t affect you in any way.

As for you, @The_Halo_Guy, I don’t care if this is real or not. To write something like this you have to be in a place of pain and I feel for you. Just know that Flowlab has an awesome community that is here if you need help.


umm? ok?

Heartless being…


I‘m not trying to predict whether your story is true or false, is all I am saying. The community is here to help either way.


Ok, thank you for understanding…As for the rest of you, I will not argue with you.


This is truly and utterly not the place for your attitude whatsoever


Well you are certainly not the purest of heart.


Guys, this is not the appropriate place to post this kind of thing. There are tons of help hotlines, even other forums or subreddits dedicated to helping people with family troubles. This is a forum for getting help or generally posting about the game devellopment tool that is, and that’s the only thing that should be posted on these topics.

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Well this is the community lounge
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Nowhere in there does it say “share deeply personal problems about your family”

Yeah but it does say “etc” if you know what that means.


It is not an invitation to talk about literally anything.

But hey if you don’t want to see this topic here, I will delete it. Since you heartless being wants to stay on topic so much and complain about something so little then I will delete it.

I’m telling you to go find help somewhere where you can actually get it. Not caring about every indivudual in existence doesn’t make me heartless, it makes me human.

Therapy can work but it also causes money, and he also does have his uncle and auntie. But as you can see he his passed this emotional state so I don’t think he needs help. Overall, He is just telling us why he disappeared.


I didn’t say therapy

You said get help somewhere where you can actually get it, so I thought of therapy.