sound cloud doesn't work for the sound effect thing

I got an 8 bit music maker and uploaded what I made on sound cloud. When I pasted the link into the sound thing, it didn’t play…

edit: The background also is a little glitchy for some reason

Here’s my game tho:

-you can spam jump when you’re next to stone

-you warp forward when you press down

-controls so far are 1,2,3,4 find out what they do yourself.

1. The link has to end with .mp3
2. I don’t see a line connected to ‘play’

You can use kiwi6 to convert sound effects/music to .mp3

You can also use dropbox. Grazer made a tutorial:

@Latif3 You probably looked at another failed attempt of mine, thx tho : )

Glad to see you are still working on this game - it is a really interesting concept.

what’s the music maker called? I would love to use it