Sounds not playing on death

In my current project, I have a sound play when am enemy gets hit. However, when an enemy dies, the sound effect does not play, I assume because it is being deleted. The block spawned after the enemy dies has a sound effect that should play, although in actuality it usually plays half the sound or none of it at all. I’m extremely confused as to why. Obviously it’s registering that I’m playing a sound, but then it doesn’t finish playing it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

the sound is being cut off because the object is being destroyed, an object that does not exist cannot play a sound


i advise you to disable the object’s collisions and change the alpha to 0, then when the sound is done actually destroy it

That is why I made the object that spawns on the monster’s death play the sound. It still failed to work.

but when do you destroy the spawned object?

It never despawns.

can you give me a link?

No, sorry.

this happens when the object that must reproduce the sound is destroyed.
Solution: create a new block with the name sound, when the object dies it must send a Message to the Sound block and only then be destroyed


That is what I have done. It doesn’t work. It only plays part of the sound.

I do not understand how nor why, but I re-deleted and added the entire system again and it works now. Thanks lol.