Source of Free Version Music?

I love the music provided by the free version. I love it so much, I want to listen to it outside of flowlab. Where did it come from so I can attempt to do that?
How do copyright laws apply in this case? Could I use the music from the game in a video?
I would like help and answers, thank you :3


This is a question for Grazer it seems


Hey @More_of_Mr_Studio_s_Test_Games,

Unfortunately, the music is from a few different sources and had a few different licenses. Some of it has been released into the public domain, and some of it has been given specific permission for use in Flowlab. For the most part it should be fine to use in a video I think? I can’t make any promises, but I don’t think anything in there would get you a copyright strike on YouTube for example.


okay, thank you, and thank you for making this whole flowlab thing. It is very nice :3