Space Ace Chronicles (Challenging)

Think Space Ace wasn’t hard? lol it wasn’t
Well now enjoy the first boss of a boss rush… version. Look it’s just bosses. It’ll be fun. I’ll update every three days or so with new ones.

Have fun. Or not. Your choice. Don’t die.

Some feedback would also make my day :smiley:

I really enjoy it but my one problem is the lightbulb is kind of hard to navigate and kind of drifts around and the turning takes a while

I appreciate the feedback. The light-bulb drifts in an effort to balance firing and turning: Being able to drift away while shoot behind you. Utilizing the drift mechanic makes the second boss easier than if you lacked the ability to face a certain direction while still moving around.

I will look into the turning mechanic though, and see if it would improve with an increased rotation speed. Thank you, and I look forward to more feedback :smiley:

(PS Try pressing 2 in the game)