Space Ace II: The Search for Space Ace I

This is my first game, so bear with me. It’s 10 levels long, and still being refined and worked for kinks.

I would appreciate all the feedback I can get, as someone who is starting new, and hope to get critical feedback that would help make it better as a whole.

The first levels will look bad since I haven’t really worked on better sprites there yet, but it’ll grow on you (I hope). Give it a shot if you want.

A sequel about finding the original game!? Mind blown

Especially when the original game doesnt exist!

@CrimsonBlackGames It’s a truly mindblowing experience.

Hey, that’s pretty good! :smiley:

@Luminous Thank you =D I appreciate you enjoyed it.

Nice :o

Well I was sitting here thinking the whole game was too easy, but then the boss was too hard, lol. I had to edit the game and increase the rotation, forward and backward speeds just to keep away. Make the levels longer and harder, make the boss do stuff, and polish the graphics, and you have yourself a pretty good game. Keep it up, it’s good so far.

@“Mhx Ar” The boss is mostly timing and mastering rotation speed. Once you have that down, it’s pretty simple :smiley: Though I will work on the difficulty aspect.