Space Adventure III Discussion 1.4.6

Controls WAD moves your ship and you shoot by clicking spacebar.
Normal Mode You have to survive as long as possible shoot at enemy ships they will run into damaging you until you run out of health Boss Mode you shoot at the boss avoiding the bullets coming at you until the boss retreats If you can’t do this in under 3 minutes you fail.

Game Link -> []
You can comment your high score down below

Just as a side note, it’s recommended to post one link on every discussion that you make about asking to play games. And if it’s not a pretty darn big update, Imo it’s better to post in the discussion with the main game in it.

But it looks pretty great overall.

@Luminous oops forgot about the link.

your game is cool

@AngelOisty101 :smiley: BTW the image you sent didn’t go through

Testing what does this do?


Hello hello hello hello



Sorry my keyboard did that.

I would probably like it, but my computer sucks and the game just make it crash.

I will try it if ever I get a faster computer(Mine is so old it must have been crafted by cavemans).

@JeSuisFranco ;( Your computer doesn’t put all of its effort to run something on your browser I’ve heard of something that makes your computer put more effort into your browser on youtube. maybe you can find out how you enable this…

I think it’s a pretty cool game, I especially like the mini-map.

@“Tavin Yorgason” Thanks Mr.Cheese

I like cheese.

@Grazer A bug keeps happening in my game when you select the silver ship and then select a differt ship sometimes the ship will remain selected. The maybe part makes me think its a bug on the website. It doesn’t affect what ship you’ll be playing in the game. It makes 2 ships play the elected animation at one time when only one is selected.

Hey @Bestotted_Puppy - I think this is due to logic errors. For example, if you open the Rainbow ship logic, you’ll see that the “Equal to 0” filter has the wrong output connected to “Unselect Silver Ship”, which means that the silver ship is not unselected when selecting the rainbow ship.

Hope this helps.

@grazer Thank you grazer, I copied it from the silver ship and changed it a little. I didn’t notice silver ship had it wrong. But why didn’t it effect the silver ship?

My High score is 940 It isn’t as you may think the game gets harder over time the enemy ships will go faster and faster and faster.

Interesting, a mini map like in my game :open_mouth: cool

I beat the boss yesterday.

Gud job I haven’t been on in a long time

Always love .io games, especially game apknite