SPACE HOP discussion

Hey everyone! Here is a game I started on a couple months ago, its still in the early stages of development, but I have a TON of ideas and content for this game that I have yet to add, but I have high hopes for this game!

This discussion is for me to use to post updates about the games progress. And for your guys to give me opinions and suggestions about the game… Please give me feedback!


1: 20+ levels, intro, menu, and credits

2: Shop with purchasable power ups, skins, and textures

3: Loads more content, more platforms, obstacles, and maybe a surprise or to

4: Release the game to mobile??

Have fun, play the game, tell me what you think!

good game my man

Small update: blue surface bug fixed and new level!

Would love ideas or feedback!!


I’m also almost ready to start working on a shop. Would anyone be interested in helping make some cool sprites for me? Comment or dm for specific details.

Love feedback! The game is coming along nicely so far, still has some known bugs and is of course a W.I.P so keep that in mind. Thanks!!!


I now have a title screen/main menu and am looking at improving it further soon. Tell me what you think!!!

ALSO, any one on flowlab who is good at art or sprites. I’m working on a shop and would love some other people to contribute sprites or themes of their own!!! DM or comment if interested

Also if anyone has any other ideas for game levels, puzzles, designs, or elements let me know!! I’m still hoping to add lots more content

So, Ive reached a complete block in designing new levels. If anyone wants to play the game and give me some ideas for more future levels or puzzles I would love that!