Spawn problem

And me again … and fighting with Flowlab again … it hates me :frowning:

So what happened, in my Terrain demo I spawned blocks like this:
No problem, as you can see the expression exit triggers the spawn, works just fine.

Now … (and this is not the first time I experienced this) I did the same in another Test project.

CRASH FREEZE END OF WORLD (… browser that is)
I had to put a timer between the expression output and the spawn block to make it work.

Now it works … BUT, I don’t want a timer in there. Once done I am spawning the whole map and I don’t want any delays :frowning:

Beside … why does it work in one case and not the other? What am I missing? @grazer ?

(Feel free to remove the timer and connect the spawn directly to the expression block MuaHaHa)

Hey, just wondering, does a 1 Frame Timer make that big of a difference?
Whenever I use level generation (random or not), I also implement a fade-out/transition object to hide the process. Does that help?

@TinkerSmith thats what those strange results were

Looks like I might have to do that @PixelPizza .
I guess I’m just frame stingy :slight_smile:
So on a 15x15 map I have 225 cells … I wonder how ‘parallel’ they would process. Otherwise what is flowlabs framerate anyway? Or is it tick based?
Sometimes I even got away with a zero timer :slight_smile: , just not in this case.

You might be able to use a timer set to 0, as long the X and Y inputs are in before the Spawn input.