Speed behavior

Could there be a Speed behavior where if you’re playing a game there could be a speed behavior that could speed up time? Or holding a key on a keyboard could speed time and releasing it would set its original speed value at one. And if you don’t want some objects to speed up maybe there could be an inbox where you could select what objects you don’t want to speed up.

It would take some tinkering but, I believe this is possible

@gameraider374, Cool because I really need this feature, For my game.

You can already do that with a single behavior lol

@R0CK I think you can get what you want using the Frame Rate block in the “Game Flow” section

could someone help me?

@XXD3G - maybe? Try making a new thread, describe your problem, and post a link to the game. Someone can probably help out :slight_smile:

@grazer i did heres the link to my discussion- http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/9406/i-need-help-old-friends#latest