Speed Help

Please help me with something. How do you make it so that your character plays a run animation if you hold the run button for a certain amount of time?

Try something like this:

I’ll try that. Makes sense and I think it’ll work! How would it incorporate the flip when I go backwards? Would I make a whole circuit but the numbers opposite? Also, it activates for part of a second and doesn’t keep activating so it turns off and still goes the same speed. I want it to work so that when the timer activates, it stays on the faster speed until the key is up.

It won’t work right, maybe I wired it up wrong…

link and what object?

https://flowlab.io/game/play/1402838 player sprite

Take another look at all the outputs of the Keyboard above.
Also the second switch needs to be on.

Disconnect this orange wire and turn on the second switch.

Ok, I’ll do that thx, be sure to check out the credits so far and tell me if the music fits the theme because I think it does!

@Tailsthefox#1 you can make it so that if you continue moving your speed increases
without using a motor