Spellbound (250 plays event!)

heres a link to the older update logs:
Polishing update
CHONKEE update

fly in a spaceship! its fun :smiley:

  • a new achievement has been added

  • 4 more levels
    link to game

tell me if you like the starship level. if a bunch of people say they like it, ill make another

new update!
event 2:

  • one new achievement
  • a new level
  • a unplayable, unfinished level :wink:

new update!!!
event 3

150 plays!!!
there’s a new, short event

200 PLAYS?!?!?!?!?!?!

thank you so much for all your support!!!

  • added the 200 plays event

  • added a achievement

  • added a level in world 2


  • theres 2 minigames, spike runner and parkour runner.
    acces them by going into the shop, clicking arcade, then clicking the arcade cabinet you wanna play
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I don’t like how you make a new topic for each update instead of a new reply


ok, i do that so you can see the past ones.

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You can see them all better if you put all of the updates on the same topic

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im just gonna use this, that was a good idea. thx!

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More visible if you make a new reply on the same topic but cool and you’re welcome


How did you get your game on itch.io?
I tried but the link wasn’t enough.

I just made a account, you can make one here

theres also a tutorial now